Audit, KYC and Safu

Audit, KYC and Safu


symbol: $SMUDGE contract address: 9YtudLX9P6BtEihwpg66YKQ3qGBr2KxdXMgTbgcJzxAN presale: Website: Telegram: $SMUDGE _SOL is building a strong community, team is doing great work and the community is supportive. DYOR _cryptopedia disclaimer!

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contract address: MEMEakYAMysigQ8eTxTW9LNxBfYSfYwNd5yLJ8gAnAb Fairelaunch: Website: Telegram: $Meme101 is not just a meme token, it’s the Saviour of all Meme token! Great team, big partnership and marketing plans, pinksale Safu Dev. controls the contract! DYOR_ cryptopedia tools!

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symbol: $MXD contract address: 0xC7caE285d15532b16042d05Afa29E47da3a1c81B Website: Presale: Telegram: Mexico Dollar is in Cryptocurrency with the best team, good marketing plans. become early investor with $MXD for Multiple Xx. DYOR_cryptopedia disclaimer!



contract address: 0x14301C1E7eeCC99d88A1d0355E23CA4bbd16744D Presale link: website: Telegram: $Cashly BSC already made progress in App development which is also on App store Team has promising feature which if adopted by the community will moon! DYOR_cryptopedia disclaimer!

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contract address: 0x2edF5300e96Eed06F97F68B6eceDd6D2b186526a website: Telegram: Presale: pinksale link: Doge Legion is not just a digital currency; it’s the gathering point where all Doge communities come together in one voice. Our vision is to unite all meme communities around the iconic Dogecoin DYOR_ cryptopedia disclaimer!


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